Private Jets

Travelling by private jet has never been more beneficial than in recent times. The luxury of sharing an aircraft with just a small number of family and friends, along with less time restraints or the additional airport security checks, makes this increasingly appealing to the discerning traveller. Whether you're looking to travel around the UK or to somewhere further afield, here is a just a few of the many benefits of travelling via private jet.

Time Saving

No security lines, baggage check-in or boarding queues, meaning more time to enjoy your trip. Typically, you will arrive at the airport 30 minutes before you’re in the air.


Reduced risk of exposure to COVID-19, avoiding busier public areas and shared cabin space. Full cabin sanitisation service is available.


Avoid unwanted attention using private terminals. You will have a short wait before your pilot meets you and oversees boarding.

Get Closer

Private jets can access more runways and airports than scheduled flights, often closer to your departure and arrival points, reducing ground travel.

Fly in Comfort

Choose the aircraft that suits you, then kick back and relax. We can arrange a pickup for you at your arrival destination too.


You will only ever fly on a legally chartered aircraft and with pilots who are fully regulated and licenced.


Enjoy complete control over your schedule - Just choose where and when and we’ll do the rest.

VIP Catering

Hand pick your food and drink for each flight.

Natalie Russell-Blackburn Perkins

Head of Private Clients

“From start to finish, travelling via a private jet is really all about you. From picking your favourite drinks and snacks on board, to choosing your preferred time to fly, the entire experience will be customised to suit you. You’ll enjoy a relaxed environment, which is a far cry from the stresses of airport control. Plus, a huge benefit at the moment is skipping the usual airport crowds – you’ll start and finish your holiday in the utmost privacy.“

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