Airport Experience

Manchester Airport - Jet 2


At check-in, you weigh your own case and a machine prints out a luggage tag for you to stick on. You then pass your case to a member of staff before heading to security. The whole process was really easy. When showing your passport to the staff, you simply pull down your mask temporarily.

Security was especially quiet and the process remained the same as usual (i.e. removing jackets and shoes). The only difference was everyone was wearing a mask! You could tell the staff were happy to be back to normal!

Airside in Manchester

A selection of Terminal 1 restaurants and bars are open, so you can still get your usual glass of bubbles! Everyone we saw was wearing a mask throughout the airport - the only exception was in the restaurants and bars, where masks were temporarily removed. The main shops were also open, including WH Smith and Duty Free.

The airport was quieter than normal and there was a relaxed atmosphere throughout. There was a mix of age groups travelling, including lots of families with young children. We'd estimate the airport was at 70% of its usual capacity.

Jason Hilton

Director of Sales, Inspiring Travel Co.

“For me, what was really fascinating was the different flying experiences between the Manchester and London group. From a Jet2 point of view, apart from wearing a mask, everything else was as you'd expect. There were even two bar services during the flight (which we did take full advantage of!). There was a lovely atmosphere on board - you could tell everyone really wanted to go on holiday!"

London Heathrow - British Airways


Check-in at Heathrow was very different for the BA flight. The staff weren't wearing gloves and they added the tags to your luggage for you. They also sorted your boarding passes, so overall a very different experience compared to Jet2 in Manchester.

TOP TIP: There was only one currency exchange open landside in Terminal 5, so we highly recommend you purchase your travel money before arriving at the airport.

MASK TIP: We highly recommend you purchase a comfortable mask before you travel. We wore ours throughout travelling, which was 6+ hours, and it was only briefly removed for a drink or snack.

Airside in Heathrow

In Terminal 5, all of the restaurants, bars and shops were open and it was very much business as usual, with the airport at its usual capacity. Every single person was wearing a mask. The flight was completely full and everyone wore their masks for the duration - they were only very briefly removed for a snack or sip of water.

There was no food or drink service on board the BA flight - they instead handed you a plastic bag with a packet of crisps, cookies and a bottle of water. There was no further interaction with the staff, and there was no alcohol available. You press a bell if you need the toilet, or wait for the light to go green so you know it is available. While the staff encouraged us to check-in our luggage, it was still possible to take a small suitable on board.

Overall, we felt the staff were fantastic and so professional. We were impressed with how quickly they had adapted to the new rules.

Gary Bates

Trade Relationship Manager, Inspiring Travel Co.

“It was a great start to the day for Team London! We checked in with Phil from CTC, who gave us the VIP treatment and Club Lounge access. In the Lounge there was table service and you could order all food and drink via your phone, after scanning the QR code on your table. It was a really quick service, the staff were on hand to help you order and overall it a great way to start the holiday.“