We might be self-isolating, but the internet ensures that we remain even more connected than ever. Get active and inspire your friends while you’re stuck at home by taking part in these viral challenges that are currently sweeping the online world.

Toilet paper challenge

Star athletes from all over the world have been taking part in this challenge. How many keepie-uppies do you think you could do with a toilet roll? Have a go and see how you compare to the likes of Lionel Messi and Marcus Rashford.

Stair shuffle challenge

Dance your way through the lockdown and join the celebrities and millions of others taking part in this dancing challenge. Be warned: shuffling your way up the stairs is much harder than it looks. Can you master it?

Push up challenge

Get your friends and family involved in this physical challenge. All you need to do is post a video of yourself doing 10 press-ups to your story with the hashtag #pushupchallenge and tag 10 friends who have to do the same.

Planking challenge

Finished your press-ups and still got the energy left over for more? The #plankingchallenge challenges you to film yourself holding a plank for 15 seconds and tag 15 friends to take part and pass it on further.

Couch challenge

If you really want to step up the intensity of your challenge and get creative with your exercise routine, then the #couchchallenge is perfect for you. Film yourself lifting one end of your couch and pressing it above your head before tagging your friends to do the same.

Hand wash dance challenge

Part of a public service announcement released by the Vietnam National Institute of Occupation and Environmental Health; this catchy dance teaches you how to wash your hands properly to protect against coronavirus.