With no weekly match reports, latest scores or up-to-date opinion pieces to enjoy with your morning coffee, we thought we’d put together a list of some of our favourite journalism from around our world of sport. Below you’ll find links to profiles, interviews, opinion pieces and essays that we hope will help bring some of the magic of sport back into your living room. (Disclaimer: some of the below articles may contain ‘colourful’ language!)


Letter to My Younger Self

The Players Tribune

The iconic Pete Sampras looks back over his career and all the incredible ups and downs along the way.

Federer as Religious Experience

The New York Times

From 2006, this David Foster Wallace essay is one of the most famous musings on tennis, and pays tribute to the great Roger Federer.

The Meaning of Serena Williams

The New York Times

There’s no one like Serena, as discussed in depth in this moving and vivid ode to one of the greatest athletes of all time.

The String Theory


Another from David Foster Wallace, this time analysing the numbers, algorithms and technicalities that make a great tennis player.


Bumble on…

Spectate Travel

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point you in the direction of our own contribution to the world of sports journalism! We sat down with the great David Lloyd to discuss… well, everything.

Who played the better innings?


An analysis of Kusal Perera’s magnificent 153 in Durban and Ben Stokes’s famous 135 during last year’s Ashes.

Anderson in the Era of the 11


A look at what it means to be a number 11 in the modern game, and how England great Jimmy Anderson fits into history.

Sreesanth: the story of a fall

The Cricket Monthly

An in-depth investigation into whatever became of India’s Sreesanth, who set the cricket world on fire for the briefest of periods.


It was all a dream

The Players Tribune

Raheem Sterling looks back on his journey from Kingston, Jamaica to superstardom. A personal essay that shows what football and England means to Sterling.

You’re Not Gonna Get Rid of Your Girl That Easily

The Players Tribune

US megastar Megan Rapinoe on her rise to the top, the dominance of the USA in women’s football, and being in the spotlight.

A Method Actor in Football’s Theatre of the Absurd

The Guardian

An ode to Leeds United manager Marco Bielsa, at the helm of one of the most compelling campaigns in recent years.

30 Years of Hope

The Guardian

Hannah Jane Parkinson looks at what it means to be a Liverpool fan during this most historic and unpredictable of seasons.


The Gentleman’s Game

The Players Tribune

Here one of the greatest of all time, Dan Carter, thinks about the culture of the mighty All Blacks and rugby in general.

From Record-breaking Solitude to Flat Isolation

The Guardian

An interview with former Wales international Richard Parks, who has reinvented himself as a world record holder and extreme endurance athlete.

Rory Best: I had to change

The Guardian

The most-capped forward in Irish history on the politics of Irish rugby and what it means to be a Protestant captaining the men in green.

All our yesterdays come gloriously alive again

The Rugby Paper

The Rugby Paper’s Brendan Gallagher discovers the marvels of Youtube and how the internet can keep our passion for sport alive.


The Greatest Show in Golf

The Players Tribune

Rory McIlroy on what the Ryder Cup means, and how hard he’s worked to get there time and time again.

Holy Ground


Walter Wright Thompson’s dream had always been to visit Augusta for the Masters. After his death, his son took the trip in his memory.

What it’s like to tee up with a pro

Sports Illustrated

An insider’s account of the Genesis Invitational (formerly known as the LA Open), one of the PGA Tour’s most exclusive events.

On the verge of history and still tinkering

The New York Times

How Tiger Woods continues to change his game and adapt to his competition after all these years at the top.


Listen to the Honey Badger

The Players Tribune

The Players Tribune

Daniel Ricciardo’s first-hand account of his career-defining move to leave Red Bull for Renault back in 2018.

The stories of 2019

Formula 1’s writers look back over the shocks, best moments, most unforgettable memories and turning points of last year.

Niki Lauda’s rescuer and a Rolex Datejust

QP Magazine

QP Magazine

The incredibly moving tale of the man who jumped into the flames to save one of the all-time sporting greats.

How I’ll Remember It

The Players Tribune

Brendon Hartley looks back over his short time in the F1, and what it’s really like in the cut-throat world of racing.


My Rookie Year

The Players Tribune

A giant of sports both literally and figuratively, Chinese sporting hero Yao Ming sheds some light on his record-breaking and unforgettable first season in the NBA.

Exit Stage Center

Sports Illustrated

A series of interviews with the great Derek Jeter, one of the most famous names in US sporting culture.


Sports Illustrated

Something a little different – an in-depth guide to everything that makes the perfect American Football quarterback.

On Kobe…


Andrew Ungvari remembers the complex and storied history of Kobe Bryant in the wake of his tragic death earlier this year.


The Big Interview: Mike Tyson

Sports Illustrated

There can be little doubt that Tyson is one of the most unique and divisive figures in all of sports A fascinating personal insight.

The Silent Season of a Hero

Gay Talese

Read celebrated sports writer Gay Talese on Joe DiMaggio, simply one of the most iconic figures in American culture, let alone sports.

An Oral History: Malice at the Palace


A first-hand history of 2004’s bloody and shocking brawl during the Pacers-Pistons NBA game, arguably the most infamous brawl in US sports.

The Last Days of Stealhead Joe


Something a little different, this article by Ian Frazier delves into the depths of the world of angling.