Assistance with your Home Assistant

As we’re all having to acclimatise to a lot more time indoors – it’s about time those home assistants that have moved in with us started earning their keep! We’ve picked out our top 10 games available on Google Home and Amazon Alexa to keep you and the family entertained in the house.

Google Home Games

Ding Dong Coconut

This quirky game tests your memory by playing a sound like a cat meowing, then giving you an unrelated word, like beach. After a few rounds remembering these combinations can get very tricky.

Math Logic

More than just your typical number trivia game, this game is suitable for adults and kids alike. You might get asked curveball questions like what do you get when you add 40 ounces to 16 pounds.

Song Pop

You will be played a chunk of a song and then have to guess the name of the artist or song title. You can even choose your favourite genre of music for some added personalisation.

Star Wars Trivia Challenge

You guessed it, this trivia quiz asks questions about characters, planets, plots and props from all across the Star Wars Galaxy.

Animal Trivia

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with this trivia quiz. You might even find yourself learning a thing or two along the way.

Freeze Dance

Something fun for the whole family, Freeze Dance will play songs to dance to and when it stops the last person to freeze is out. For bigger families, the game even has a musical chairs option.

Lucky Trivia

With a wide variety of questions to keep you guessing, this is the ultimate trivia quiz. This game also comes with a family specific version: Lucky Trivia for Families.


Watch in amazement as this the classic 20-questions game, Akinator, guesses the celebrity you’re thinking of. Good luck beating it – it’s pretty good at its job!

Mystery Sounds

In this old-school radio game, you will hear a mystery sound and have to guess what it is. A sure-fire way to ensure family hilarity.

Who Invented?

A fun way to learn more about the creations that have changed our lives as you are quizzed about who invented them. I wonder who invented the home assistant?

Alexa Games

Song Quiz

Singalong to your favourite tunes as you guess the title and artist of famous songs from the last 60 years. Just select your favourite decade and let the games begin.

Millionaire Quiz Game

Work your way to the million-pound question (you don’t win the money in reality, sorry) in this Alexa version of the gameshow Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Deal or No Deal

Much like its millionaire counterpart, this game will transport you from watching daytime TV to starring in it. Does that sound like a deal?

True or False?

Playable with up to 20 people, this game will get the entire family involved. With a series of exciting true or false questions, find out how much you actually know about the world.

Heads up!

The Alexa version of the game popularised by The Ellen DeGeneres Show will select you a “card” and provide clues to help you guess the word written on it.

Categories Game

This fast-paced game is much like Scattergories, as you are given a set of categories and a letter and have to think up words beginning with your letter that correspond to the category.

The Fake News Game

A game jam-packed with laughs and surprises, you’ll be given ridiculous sounding headlines and have top decide if they’re real or not.


Earplay is a choose-your-own-adventure games in which your responses impact the outcome of the story. Connect to your phone to begin playing the part of a secret agent on an exciting mission.

Amazing Word Master Game

Test your spelling and word knowledge with this linguistic quiz. Alexa will say a word, and you have to respond with the last letter of the word. Sounds easy, but it’s harder than you’d expect.

Would You Rather For Family

A family friendly version of the classic party game. Plenty of laughs are in store as Alexa offers you two funny situations to choose from.