Learning lift-off

Rather than concentrating on the things that we can’t do, we’re choosing to focus on the new things available to us now that restrictions and cancellations have poked countless holes in our social calendars. Why not join us and use all this extra free time to learn a new skill, or even sharpen up your existing abilities? Here are ten things you can learn for free from the comfort of your own home.

Linguistic Gymnastics

with Duolingo

The travel restrictions won’t be around forever and when they lift, you’ll be jetting off in no time. Now is the perfect opportunity to learn tp use a resource like Duolingo.com to learn a new language and get yourself ready to holiday like a local in the future.

Become a Guitar Hero

with Justin Guitar

Got an old guitar lying around that you just never got the hang of? Or maybe you used to be a guitar hero and you’ve fallen out of practice? Endorsed by musical legends like Mark Knopfler and Steve Vai, Justinguitar.com offers over 1000 guitar lessons.

Get Green Fingered

with Garden Tutor

You might not be straying any further than your house for the time being, which leaves you with the question of where to go for a little escape?With extensive knowledge and lessons available on Gardentutor.com, your garden will be your paradise in no time.

A Yearning for Yoga

with Skillshare

This time of uncertainty can get very stressful. And with limited options available for pampering and relaxation, getting into yoga could be the perfect salvation. Skillshare.com offers countless free yoga classes for all ability levels.

Conquer the Kitchen

with Rouxbe

With restaurants and cafes now closed, there's a chance that your favorite dish might be out of reach for the foreseeable future. Unless you learn to cook it for yourself, that is. A free trial at Rouxbe.com gets you access to video lessons, instructor-led courses, and professional recipes.

Explore Space

with Space Racers

Keep little adventurers engaged and shoot them into the stars while they’re at home. The animated TV series "Space Racers" has launched fun and educational content for kids during school closures amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Lean, Mean, Quarantine

with Changing Shape

Nothing keeps your mood up when you’re stuck inside quite like exercise. Changingshape.com offers diet plans, creates tailor-made exercise routines for every level of fitness and hosts a vast bank of exercises that you can do at home.

NASA: Now Recruiting

with NASA

The space adventure can continue for lightyears as NASA are hosting an incredible range of activities for both activities and children. You might have to stay indoors, but your mind is free to explore amongst the stars.

Create through the Crisis

with Arty Factory

How many years has it been since you last lost yourself in a drawing or painting? Perfect for all ages and abilities, Artfactory.com has a series of art lessons that include Aboriginal art, Ancient Egyptian art, still life and portraits.